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Karam Wines | The Winery
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Every bottle is an adventure, a timeless voyage, an experience of memories and passions.

Every bottle has its soul, every scent its destination and every sip takes
you back in time. The whole, a journey of authenticity flowing from
the southern Lebanese vineyards.


In Karam winery, when we practice the art of vinification, we are always subconsciously thinking of the ultimate destination of our bottles which is a table of food.

For us, the process of wine and food matching starts at the vineyards and progresses to the table then to its final destination, the taste buds of wine lovers. In practice, we offer our wine lovers three menus matched with a different wine for every course of the meal. Wine lovers can choose one of these three menus during their visits which will be arranged by prior notice, where they will be served their choice of menu



Different types of cheese
“Assiette anglaise” where
we sample cold cuts from
different countries and regions
to match it with different wines.



Lebanese salads
Lebanese cold mezze
Lebanese hot mezze
Mixed grill



Exotic salad
Escargot or cold fish
Wild boar or Magret de canard
Dessert (fondant au chocolat) or Jezzine goat cheese


When you visit Karam winery, we try to fill all your day. We can offer you wine appreciation lessons.

So when you leave us, you can’t claim that you are not an expert in wine. We offer you three courses, duration of which is around 1h30mns which you would have to book ahead of time by contacting us.

Level 1:

  • Wine terminology
  • Label reading
  • Wine aromas
  • Visual appreciation
  • Different wine characteristics in the mouth that affect your judgment of wine


  • Winemaking processes of white, rosé, red and sweet wines
  • What is champagne
  • Distilling wine
  • Recognizing different varietals from the taste
  • Recognizing wines aged in oak barrels and the different types of oak barrels


  • Judging age of wine visually
  • Classification of wines in different countries
  • Introduction to different wine regions in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal
  • Karam Winery tasting