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Karam Wines | The wine collection, the Arak and the Jezzineyac
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Every bottle is an adventure, a timeless voyage, an experience of memories and passions.

Every bottle has its soul, every scent its destination and every sip takes
you back in time. The whole, a journey of authenticity flowing from
the southern Lebanese vineyards.


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Karam Wines Arak

Two thousand years ago, the people living in the present day borders of Lebanon distilled wine to make arak, Lebanon’s national drink. Arak is an aniseed-based Eau De Vie which when mixed with water turns snow white. Indeed, it is often referred to as the Lion’s milk.

The Karam Winery continues this millennia-old tradition of arak making, using ancestral skills with the latest distilling methods. We believe good arak should come from white grapes and should be characterized by purity, color, taste and smoothness.

Purity comes from the art of distilling and the type of still used. The Karam Winery uses a handmade copper alembic in which we triple distill our arak to make sure that the impurities, especially the methanol is eliminated. A lot of eau de vie is wasted in achieving this.

Color is a function of the quality and quantity of aniseed used. The Karam Winery uses aniseed from the Syrian village of Heeneh, famed for growing what is arguably the finest aniseed in the world.

Taste is determined by the type of grapes used as well as the quality of the aniseed. The Karam Winery uses indigenous white grapes namely, Merwahi, Hifawi, and Miksasi. They give a luscious, fruity taste, which, when coupled with aniseed, gives a sweet note to the arak.

Smoothness is determined by the maturity of the grapes at harvest and the ageing process. The more mature the grapes, the higher the quantity of alcohol content of eau de vie. The Karam Winery harvests grapes at half maturity, ensuring a lower yield of eau de vie with less alcohol. To ensure optimum roundness, after the third distillation, the arak is rested in traditional clay jars for five years before release.

Arak is enjoyed as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to mezze and other foods.



Karam Wines Jezzinyac

As long as 2000 years ago, the people of what is now Lebanon distilled wine as a first step to making Arak, an aniseed-based eau de vie that has become our national drink.

Recently, Karam Winery, located in the south Lebanese town of Jezzine, continues this millennia-old tradition of distilling wine. But as well as its famous Arak, the winery also produces Jezzineyac, a unique, barrel-aged eau de vie to rival the finest cognacs and other eEaux de vie of the Mediterranean basin.

To make it, we use indigenous varieties such as Miksasi, Merwahi, Hifawi and Zawtarani, all of which grown at different altitudes – some as high as 1400m – to allow full maturity with low alcohol, distinct acidity and a spectrum of aromas and flavors that reflect Lebanon’s impressive terroir.

The wines are then distilled thrice before blending and undergoing barrel aging, from our different cooperages, for two years. It is then rested in glass jars for another 14 years to achieve full, rounded maturity, during which the angels get their share of 2º of alcohol per year to smooth it to 40º alcohol.

The finished product is a powerful and elegant, brimming with flavors and carrying within it the unique taste of Lebanon. It is a drink that has been cultivated down through the centuries to deliver a memorable sensory experience.

Jezzineyac is best enjoyed as a digestif.