Late Sep 2021, Karam Wines was voted the Best Vineyard in Asia & topped the charts at No.14 on the list. A win for the family and a win for Lebanon.

We are honored to announce that Karam Wines has been named the Best Vineyard in Asia by World's Best Vineyards 2021. This award warms our hearts as a family, a company, and more importantly, as Lebanese citizens. We are more attached to our mission than ever before. And despite all the difficulties and hardships we face, we find our convictions in our core beliefs more pronounced, especially in light of this news. We like to think that we reflect the Lebanese heart and spirit as we top the charts in Asia and rank in the top 50 worldwide (#14 overall). This is not just a win for our winery, but also for our country as well as our fraternal Lebanese wineries. When one of us wins, we all win!

We are also continuously grateful for all the love and support we are receiving.

Stay strong, stay safe, and more importantly… Cheers!

With the utmost gratitude,
The Karam Wines Family & Team

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