XO Arak

Meksassi and Hifawi


Matured for six years in traditional clay jars.
As an aperitif and with Lebanese Mezza, Spanish seafood tapas, raw meat, raw fish, barbecued meat or chicken, green salads and an assortment of pickles.

1) A dose of one third Arak and two thirds water then add ice cubes. OR 2) Fill half the glass with Arak, add a few drops of water and fill the rest of the glass with ice cubes.

No decanting necessary prior to savoring.


Tasting Notes

3,000 years ago, our ancestors learned to distill wine to make Arak, Lebanon’s national drink. Arak is an aniseed based Eau De Vie which turns white when mixed with water. Indeed, it is commonly referred to as the Lion’s Milk. Karam XO, is proudly triple distilled with Pure Jezzine Spring Water from Lebanese, using the finest aniseed in the world and white grapes only. The renowned Pure Jezzine Spring Water when used in the distill gives the Arak a highly mineral taste on the palette. XO is pure, incredibly smooth and arguably one of the best Araks in Lebanon.


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