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Every bottle is an adventure, a timeless voyage, an experience of memories and passions.

Every bottle has its soul, every scent its destination and every sip takes
you back in time. The whole, a journey of authenticity flowing from
the southern Lebanese vineyards.

Mrs. Christina Pickard about Karam Wines

“Karam Winery also got a lot of gold stars in my book. The first wine to be produced in Lebanon’s southern region of Jezzine, I particularly liked the Syrah de Nicolas 2005, all yeasty, crunchy, and freshly black fruited goodness. St. John 2006 was a more serious ageing wine although I could happily knock back a bottle now. A blend of syrah, cabernet and merlot, Kingswood Wines (Karam’s importer) calls it ‘a subtle triumph of the liquid art’. Touché. At £21.50 and £27 a bottle respectively, these aren’t every day drinking wines, but Karam only produces 70,000 bottles total–this is boutique production at its best.”

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